Thursday, July 28, 2011


From what source do things arise, to that they return of necessity when they are destroyed; for they suffer punishment and make reparation to one another for their injustice according to the order of time.
Things are in flux
There is a stability in the universe because of the orderly and balanced process of change or flux, the same measure coming out as going in as if reality were a huge fire that inhaled and exhaled equal amounts, preserving all the while an even inventory in the world. 
Reason as a universal law. 
All of our thoughts are God’s thoughts.
The idea that all people are equally citizens of the world precisely because they all share in the one, in god’s reason and contain in themselves some portion of fire. (God) 
Strife is the very essence of change. 
The conflict of opposites is not a calamity but the permanent condition of all things. what is in oppositions is in concert and from what differs comes the most beautiful harmony. 
The one takes shape and appears in many forms. 
What is, is uncreated and indestructible, for it is complete, immovable and without end. 
Senses give us no clue to reality they deceive us. 
Motion is an illusion. The arrow occupies a certain amount of space equal to its length. it always does whether it is “moving” or at rest - motion is relative. 
There is only one being, continuous, material and motionless.
Love and hate, harmony and discord is what drives change. Love puts it together, hate makes it fall apart. a continuous cycle.

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